Amazing Protection, Unbelievable Shine

TOP GUARD™ is an amazing professional floor finish protection product recommended for use on floor finish found in retail, healthcare, educational, residential, and commercial environments.

TOP GUARD™ will strengthen ALL acrylic floor finishes and produce durability never before possible. For years, Top Guard™ has been proven in the field to create a lustrous, deep, wet look shine that is non-slip (UL Listed) and very safe.

Regular high speed buffing with TOP GUARD produces a barrier that insulates the floor from the floor pad. The result is a floor finish which is 20 to 30 times more durable and safer than ever before.

Cut Overhead and Labor (Up to 50%)

Traditionally, floor care has always been understood to be a labor-intensive process. Contractors and in-house maintenance departments apply floor finish, spray buff, use restorers, scrub and recoat and strip their floors as many as 2-3 times a years. TOP GUARD™ will change the way you maintain your floors forever.

Simply mop (or spray) TOP GUARD™ over any high quality acrylic sealer or floor finish and burnish to a mirror shine with any ultra high speed machine (1500 rpm or higher). It's that easy, and economical because TOP GUARD™ eliminates the need for many other regularly used floor care products. Now, just one product simplifies your operation, saves labor and cuts costs.

Top Guard Images

Cut Overhead and Labor Up to 50%

  • Less Labor - 55%
  • Less Supplies - 70%
  • Creates a Beautiful Deep Gloss
  • Incredible Slip Resistance
  • UL ClassifiedUL Classified
  • Increases Finish Durability
  • Eliminates Stripping
  • Eliminate All Build Up
  • Eliminate Dust from Burnishing
  • Non-Hazardous