Top Guard Ready To Use

Top Guard Ready To Use

A revolutionary product that renovates floor finish and restores floors to maximum gloss... like magic! Now it is available in a convenient, Ready-to-use package that is easy to use, easy to store. No complicated mixing or dilution required, the perfect concentration every time. Specifically selected polishing agents and cleaners help to remove scratches and scuffs from floors while rejuvenating the floor to a brilliant lustre. Saves labor and extends scrub/strip cycles. A must for every high speeds/UHS Burnishing Floor Care program!

Features & Benefits

  • Creates a bright, shiny, wet look gloss
  • Increases the Durability of ANY floor finish
  • Floor becomes Scuff, Scratch & Black Heel Mark Resistant
  • Designed for Multi Speed Polishing & Burnishing
  • Removes deep scuffs & scratches
  • Ready-to-Use/Save time and labor, highly accurate dilution

Directions for Use

Use a high speed machine or UHS burnisher with your favorite burnishing pad. Spray Top Guard in a stream onto any floor (coated with floor finish). Buff the floor making straight passes using a controlled pace for best results. This will work the Top Guard into the floor finish film, creating maximum gloss, durability and performance. Repeat if desired. NOTE: Make sure the floor has an adequate amount of floor coating. (the more coats of finish the better the results with Top Guard will be)

Greening Your Floors With Top Guard

The buffing or polishing of floors can release microscopic particles of styrene into the air, presenting a health risk for all building occupants. Regular use of Top-Guard eliminates the dust and the release of these particles into the air reducing indoor air pollution.

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