Where it all began...

A little more than 15 years ago, we came across a product whose impact had the potential to change forever the way floor finish was maintained. Having never seen anything like it before, we contacted the inventor to learn more. We discovered that the product had already been granted two patents, one for technology and another for its truly innovative formula. In the year that followed, we were so incredibly impressed with what we saw the product do; we began to comprehend how the product's use could truly revolutionize how floor finish was maintained, and ,we got a chance to see first hand how truly remarkable the product was. We purchased the patent and signed an exclusive licensing agreement a for the manufacture and sale of this product we named Top Guard™.

Top Guard's™ origin was in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry designed with no preconceived notions as to how it would work or what it should look like. As a result, a product evolved and testing began with one of the largest Building Service Contractors in the world at a local university. This new product was used on resilient tile, terrazzo, and marble floors. During its extensive five-year use, not one floor under Top Guard's care ever needed stripping. Pad usage was down, spray buffing and restorer was virtually eliminated and scrub and recoating was done but once a year. The product so dramatically changed the way they maintained their floors that its use quickly spread throughout the organization.

Top Guard's™ results still amaze today. More durable, shiny, safer floors accomplished with less labor than you ever imagined is just a quick demonstration away. Call for your free sample today.

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