TG Comparison Chart

Is not generally thought of as a new labor saving process Floors under Top Guard maintenance require less care and savings have resulted in the 50% area from:
  • No more stripping
  • Extended floor finish life
    1. By virtue of Top Guard's strengthening qualities
    2. By preventing the underlying finish from abrading away from the daily burnishings.
  • Fewer scrub/refinish frequencies.
  • Eliminating dust mopping to remove "burnishing dust."
  • Eliminating/shelf and display maintenance caused by burnishing dust.
Does not create any special look Creates a "spit shine" or highly reflective shine that can actually mirror merchandise off the floor.
Is slippery when wet Is not!
Does not affect floor pad use. Cuts pad usage by 2/3 as a result of no pad loading and because pads can be rinsed out each night and dry "almost new"
Is not biodegradable. Is 100% biodegradable.
Is primarily derived from petrochemicals. Is plant based and 99.6% of what is used nightly comes from our earth's renewable resources
Is not generally thought of as an environmentally sensitive product. Top Guard will reduce/eliminate the dumping of heavy metals (zinc) into your sewers, will reduce pouring of waste caustics and solvents (strippers) into drains.
All conventional burnishing products contain some solvents (VOC's) which are not considered IAC friendly. Improves IAC by eliminating burnishing dust and VOC's.
Not safe and requires a thorough OSHA training. Safe, even around children.
Dispensing is not measured and workers often come in contact with the concentrate. The Betex dispensing bottle accurately measures Top Guard and is spill proof, virtually eliminating worker contact with the concentrate ( which is not harmful.)
Contains polymer or resin which is designed to fill scratches and/or replenish worn areas by leaving behind trace "solids" that are burnished to a shine when dry. Leaves no solids behind as Top Guard contains no polymer - resins or polyethylene (plastic)
Will build up edges after a while as it is a type of "finish" Will not build up ever as Top Guard is not a coating.
Does not affect the underlying floor finish. Strengthens the underlying floor finish making it much more durable.
Does not inhibit powdering from burnishing. Eliminates powdering. One of the primary reasons for having to recoat so often.
Not generally thought of as a great cleaning agent. A superb cleaner/degreaser with deodorizing and disinfecting qualities resulting in cleaner and brighter looking floor surfaces.
Does not improve the basic scratch and scuff resistance of the underlying floor finish and itself is not very durable. Dramatically improves scuff-scratch and black heel mark resistance of the underlying floor finish.
Is only used as a burnishing agent.

Is used daily to clean at 512 to 1
(1/4 ounce to a gallon)

Is used at 2 ounces per gallon for "nightly" burnishing.

Is used at 4 ounces per gallon for heavy duty scrubbing with "soft" pads (soft scrubbing as we call it).

Is used as a spray buff to repair worn or damaged areas.

Can be wet burnished to repair or "bring back" a badly soiled or scuffed or "damaged floor".

Needs to be stripped from time to time. Never needs stripping.
Is part of a conventional maintenance program.

Is the center of a new method that eliminates the "need" to strip.

Reduces (eliminates) dust from burnishing and itself, the only product used for floor care.

Does not enhance slip resistance. Dramatically improves slip safety and may in the end be the single most important benefit. We would urge you to work closely with you "loss control" group to moniter results with an eye on reducing insurance reserves or premiums.

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